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22-10-2017 18:00
08. Spieltag 22.10.17
4 - 1
1 - 1
1 - 2

Player statistic

Athanasios Fissekis Ass 3'    
James Hall Ass 3'    
James Hall Tor 6'    
Peter Kathan Ass 6'    
Christopher Stemke Ass 6'    
Stefano Rizzo Tor 17'    
Josef Reiter Ass 17'    
Martin Lidl Ass 17'    
Martin Lidl Tor 19'    
Josef Reiter Ass 19'    
Stefano Rizzo Ass 19'    
Athanasios Fissekis Tor 25'    
Christopher Stemke Ass 25'    
James Hall Ass 25'    
Athanasios Fissekis Tor 48'    
James Hall Ass 48'    


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